NIKON - Nikon Nikonos II ou Calypso - Nikkor II

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24 X 36 MM
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Lens :
W - NIKKOR 2,8/35
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In 1960, Jean de Wouters d'Oplinter, a Belgian engineer who had patented a plan for a 35 mm waterproof camera without a housing up to 50 meters deep, entered into contact with the commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau, They offer the French company "La Spirotechnique" to ensure the sale of this revolutionary device. The ATOMS firm near Nice will be responsible for the construction. It was released in 1961 and will be named "Calypso" in honor of Commander Cousteau's ocean ship.

Nikon easily buys the rights to the Calypso because Spirotechnique realizes that it will not have the technical possibilities to ensure the evolution of this type of camera and its optics. Nikon, with the help of Jean de Wouters who leaves for 2 years in Japan, continues the evolution of these cameras which will take the name of "Nikonos" in 1963

This "Calypso / Nikkor II" still made in France will be the first of the Nikon brand and the same model built by Nikon in Japan will be called "Nikonos II" for sale in the USA and Japan. All other Nikonos that followed will be built in Japan by Nikon.

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