Follow the evolution of photography and particularly cameras that are used to capture the moment this is an exciting occupation.

Since the black box with a "hole" up to SLR interchangeable lens, auto focus, to open automation and pause time, it happened in things!

The camera has followed the evolution of photographic techniques he has adapted to the media that went from big to small, metal plates and glass plate with soft film; it has adapted to the sensitivity of media that has gradually improved; it is adapted to the optical that have become increasingly bright etc...

The materials composing the camera have also evolved from wood or metal to heavy Bakelite, plastic and other composite materials combine durability and lightness.

Finally, the change in technical support or promotion of the film have become less cumbersome and faster, the focus is specified by the invention of the rangefinder, the brightness is calculated with cells behind the lens ... .then electronics is quite automated camera functions no longer have to only push the shutter button!

Everything was done as much to improve the quality of shooting to facilitate the life of the photographer.