Amateur photographer since I was 20 years (! Is already below), I particularly appreciate the play of light, nature and landscapes, portraits ..; I never go on vacation or simple Sunday stroll or hike without my cameras.

The wave of digital photography has brought many changes certe interesting but did not affect my passion for film photography. But we must also move with the times and enjoy the benefits that technological advances bring us. He personally seems to me possible to find advantages in both technical and find happiness in the film as in the digital practice.

In film, the whole collection! I get pleasure from time to time with my old 35mm rangefinder (Contax, Prominent, Nikon, Canon ..) 35 mm SLR (Olympus OM series of Nikon F, Canon F1 ...), old foldings ( Super Ikonta ...) formats means (500 Pentax 6x7 Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Rolleiflex, Minolta Autocord CdS ...) and others. Depending on available films and atmospheric conditions, I take the air to my old memories manufacturers.

In digital, after the Nikon coolpix 5700 and the nikon D200, I am now equipped with the Nikon D800. Why Nikon ?, for the quality and robustness of its bodies, for the quality of its optics and finally for the benefit of his bayonet F timeless place that allows me to be old Nikon optics of the collection like the Nikkor 180mm / 2.8ED, the 50mm / 1.2, 1.4 or 1.8, the 500 mm/4 ... as well as more recent as the brightest AF Nikkor 24-70mm f: 2.8, AF Nikkor 80-200 mm f: 2.8 D or AF Nikkor 50mm f: 1.8 or D AF Nikkor 60mm Micro-2.8D ... For image processing, I use DxO OpticsPro and Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom.

Regarding the silver processing, I only do black and white and I myself process the films that I pass through the Nikon Supercoolscan 9000 scanner.

I propose here a few of your appreciation of my shots.


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