Make the impression of depth in a photograph is not new. In humans binocular vision sends the brain two slightly offset images which, once processed by the cerebral hemispheres, allow the perception of a single image corresponding to external reality and therefore in relief. The first camera (1856) had two goals and a room that slid on a board. The camera took a picture through the lens of right and via the left. Other cameras had only one sliding lens for a room partitioned into two parts. The stereoscopic photographs were looking through a stereoscope, which allows each eye separately to see one of the two pictures. The brain analyzes these two views and collects in relief. The camera ViewMaster 1960 Stereo is one of the most famous models of the general public especially by the possibility of installation of small photographs taken with the camera to discs which were placed in a viewer of the same brand.

'STEREO' cameras (50)