Olympus OM
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Takachiho Seisakusho "is the original name of the Japanese company in 1919 and it is in 1949 that she definitely takes the name" Olympus Optical Company. "Oriented from the start to the manufacture of special lenses for medical cameras and then to the scientific production of optical instruments, primarily the microscope, Olympus released his first camera in 1936. It is a folding at size 4.5 x 6 cm on 120 film called "Semi-Olympus". In the 50s, Olympus develops TLR cameras reflex (TLR) the "Olympus Flex" for compete the Rolleiflex or Minolta at the time. Four models are produced.

Olympus will develop 3 long series of cameras that will make the reputation of the Japanese firm:

- The series of Olympus "PEN" cameras and Olympus' PEN F "in 1959, was released on 1 Pen, very compact, for 35 mm film and half size (half frame) 18 X 24 mm. In 1963 released the first Pen F: a 35 mm SLR camera also half format. Innovative reflex sight on the Pen F is a technical achievement for a DSLR quality and compact camera.

'OLYMPUS' cameras (66)