Country :
Year :
Type :
Format :
6 X 9 cm (56,5 X 53 mm)
Serial Number :
Lens :
Kodak Ektar 3.5 / 100 mm
Lens number :
EE 1937
Shutter :
Kodak supermatic Nr 2 1/400 (non synchro)
Shutter number :
Support :
Rollfilm 620

The Kodak Medalist (1st model) can be recognized by its "Kodak Medalist" inscription on the viewfinder cover. For the first productions, the inscription is readable from the back to the front while the following ones (still of the 1st model), the inscription is read from the front to the back. The camera has an image coincidence rangefinder and parallax correction. The advance of the film and the resetting of the shutter are carried out by two distinct maneuvers. There is no flash sync. Focusing can be done by the large wheel on the lens or by the small notched wheel on the housing. This small wheel will also disappear on the Medalist II and will be replaced by the synchro-flash socket. Fairly robust in construction, the camera weighs 1 kg 409!

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