Guido Sigriste (1864-1915) born in Switzerland, arrived in Paris and became a painter. It is with the help of photography that he creates paintings as close as possible to reality. It was when he wanted to capture horses running that he needed a camera capable of freezing the animal and therefore with a very fast shutter speed, too fast for the time. We are in 1895 and Guido Sigriste begins to study the problem in order to build a camera that corresponds to his wishes. After filing several patents, it was in 1900 that he filed that of his complete camera which would be further improved thereafter. So his slit shutter camera is ready to go to market. He creates a company and a manufacturing workshop. The cameras left the factory in 1902. It was named "Le Sigriste S.O.L.", these three inutiales for the three collaborators on the adventure: Sigriste, Outremont and Liedekerke. The models will be with an optic (9 X 12 cm -6.5 X 9 cm) or in stereo version (6 X 13 cm).

'SIGRISTE Guido' cameras (1)