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In France, in 1915, Armand de Gramont runs the company "Optics and Precision de Levallois” near Paris. Having been conceived in secret for the requisition of the plant by the Germans, the first "FOCA " OPL was out in 1945 for the greater interest of French. This camera for "Small" 24 X 36 mm wanted to compete with the German production of the time: Contax, Leica and Kodak Retina. The first Nikon rangefinder was not out yet.

The Foca models will succeed but nothing will prevent the arrival of other competitive foreign aircraft.

In 1963, the sale of Foca is entrusted to the firm in 1964 and then light the end of the production is declared.

'O.P.L. (FOCA)' cameras (13)