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The company was founded in 1932 in Tallinn by W. Zapp and Jurgens R. Latvia. In 1936 a patent was filed by Zapp in London for a subminiature camera and in 1937 the Minox I is manufactured in Riga - Lithuania by VEF firm. This is a high quality subminiature camera that uses the 9.5 mm film images to 8 X 11 mm. In 1945, the firm "Minox GmbH" moved to Wetzlar in West Germany and then in Giessen in 1948. In 1974 the first Minox 35 (EL) is on the market. Built for the film 35 mm image 24 x 36 mm, it is a very small and very lightweight camera (190 gr) lens returning. Both types of cameras will be the reputation of the firm. Minox bankruptcy pronounced in 1989

Approximately 46 different models Minox be produced either for 9.5 mm film format (subminiature) or for 35 mm film is finally to the film 110.

For its subminiature models, the company has planned the development tank, enlarger, a breeding stand, an adapter for binoculars, Angle Finder, a miniature projector slides and other accessories ....

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