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Auguste and Louis Lumière have become world famous for their discoveries in the field of cinematography. But the origin of the French firm comes from their father Claude-Antoine Lumière that will quickly develop its small business on the production of films and plates in Lyon. This company will be taken over by Auguste and Louis in 1883. In 1910, the Lumière brothers associate with the French firm Jougla founded in 1882 and also produced films. Joint production in Joinville le Pont plates and film ends in 1928. This is the date that the new Light Company will start production of cameras at the plant in Joinville.


The company will mainly produce foldings for plates and film (Nada, Dialux, Lumix ...), the box (Scoutbox, Luxbox ...) TLR reflex (Lumiflex, Lumirex) and its series of small size sympatiques "Elgy" (Light & Jougla) for a film 30 mm and the 35 mm.

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