Country :
Year :
fin/end 1950
Type :
Format :
24 X 36 mm
Serial Number :
Lens :
S-13 6.3 / 100 mm
Lens number :
Shutter :
Shutter number :
Support :
35 mm


Made in the USSR (Krasnogorsk), it is a cine/photo gun-camera. It was intended to be fitted to the Russian Mig 15 and Mig 17 aircraft from the end of the 1950s. It uses a 35mm A1000 film with very high sensitivity (1000 ASA) and a length of more than 5.6 meters. This film is driven by an electric motor supplied with 26 V DC and in rhythm with the machine gun of the aircraft. The film developed could reflect the precision of the shot, which was heavily used during the training of soldiers. Three diaphragm positions are possible: 12.5 for "Clear", 9 for "cloudy" and 6.3 for "Overview". The two light bulbs next to the lens served as a flash to impress the time display on the film. To do this, a watch was inserted inside the metal cap. In the last photo below om can see the device in its bracket which was used as a fixing in the plane (and in the present situation, in a shelf !!).

This camera also existed in Panorama version (24 X 75 mm) and in telephoto version of 300 mm, still on 35 mm film.


Other pictures of the camera