Edward Anthony, American engineer, crea in 1952 his society and she is became one of the most important in the area of photographic products in the USA. It is associated with Scovill & Adams.  ANSCO is a contraction of Antony & Scovill, the two founders of the company name in 1907 in Binghamton in USA.


Ansco is absorbed in 1928 by the German firm Agfa, hence the name Agfa-Ansco. In 1939, the company again changed its name to General Aniline & Film Corporation, and is dedicated to developing and producing products for photography. The production of cameras continues in Germany as the Agfa-Gevaert and Agfa. In 1967, the General Aniline becomes Ansco-GAF Corporation, some cameras are also called "Gaf".


Ansco produced many cheap cameras (box, folding, and 35 mm), some of which were manufactured by Minolta, Dacora for Agfa Ansco firm.

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