The firm was founded by the brothers Drs Eugen and Max Ambruster in 1946 in Friedrichshafen in Germany. Eugen Ambruster had participated in the development of "Robot" of the company Berning, then of "Bessa II" and "Brilliant" of Voigtlander . The company moved in 1949 and changed its name to "AkA-Werk" in 1957. It produced between the years 1947 and 1960 a series of brand appliances "Akarelle", "Akarette", "Akarex", "Arelle" and "Optina". The first camera, the Akarette 1947, had a 24 X 32 mm for 40 poses. All this cameras, about 26 models, are designed for 35 mm film. The company went bankrupt in 1960.


'Apparate & Kamerabau AKA' cameras (3)