Miranda DR
modemploi Miranda T


Miranda Camera Company is a Tokyo Japanese firm which was born following the development of the firm Orion Seiki Company which was founded in 1946 and which manufactured accessories and adapters for major brands of cameras (Contax, Nikon...) and almost exclusively for professional photographers. One example is the reflex room "Mirax" for the Leica screw diameter of 39 mm. This firm has focused its development towards the development of a reflex camera (SLR) whose prototype called Phoenix gave birth in 1954 to the first Miranda T. The first models were also called Orion and Miranda Camera Company. That's when the firm changed its name and moved from Orion to Miranda. The company produces 36 models of cameras reflex (Miranda Sensomat, Sensoret, Sensorex ...) The company ceased operations in 1977.

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