At the beginning of photography, was referred to on the frosted glass that was receiving the returned image (backwards) through the lens.

Following various discoveries (plates and silver film) and improved camera (miniaturization) devices were equipped with viewfinders as a simple metal frame or not magnifier system for the top (breast height viewfinder) is lenses visuers. Already viewfinders accessories exist for cameras that do not have.

Especially from the 35mm rangefinder cameras, additional viewfinders (accessories) appeared to adapt referred to interchangeable lenses. These non-SLRs had a standard viewfinder for the optical base, often 50 mm focal length. It was therefore developed viewfinders fitted to the other focal or multi-focal length for a frame corresponding to the optical placed on the apparatus. These sights were placed on the accessory / accessory shoe.

Since the arrival of SLR camera after World War II, it was not an optical problem but comfort. The sighting was often up to his eyes, but there were interchangeable viewfinders referred to breast height (or vice versa), viewfinders magnifying glass to focus more accurate point of sports viewfinders with a larger frame, viewfinders of angle of the cell covered with prisms incorporated when the unit does not contain etc. Everything is important in a camera, but it is often said that the eye of the photographer participated for half (if not more?) The general quality of a photograph, it is probably true as long as the viewfinder, too, properly inform the photographer's eye!


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